For18 months, mode transport planning has been provided support to Westminster City Council. This has included the development and design of a section of the central London Cycle Grid, part of the Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling.

mode staff have been involved in a number of initiatives including:

  • developing initial feasibility designs for a number of cycle routes;
  • technical design reviews of emerging cycle schemes;
  • review and development of the conversion of one-way streets to two-way operation for cyclists for a part of Westminster (permeability study);
  • analysis of the results of the consultation on a cycling strategy for Westminster; and
  • liaison with Transport for London and the Department for Transport on best practice and emerging initiative.

mode continues to provide technical advice on the first phase of the preliminary designs for the preferred cycle grid. Further work is progressing on the development of the permeability study to include the remaining areas of Westminster with recommendations for criteria to enable the scheme to be prioritised.

Image courtesy of City of Westminster

project summary

Client: City of Westminster
Location: City of Westminster
Office: London
Status: Completed