mode transport planning was appointed to provide transport planning and highways advice in relation to 15 former Toys R Us sites across the UK.

The former Toys R Us properties have been either refurbished for a new occupier, sub-divided and/or extended, with some sites including a new drive-thru unit. The proposed changes required careful consideration of the car parking provision, off-site traffic impact assessment, servicing arrangements and sustainable accessibility.

mode prepared various inputs to the review of each site, which included some or all of the following key transport related elements in support of new planning applications:

  • car parking occupancy assessment;
  • sustainable accessibility review and improvement strategy;
  • trip generation comparison of new use;
  • review of servicing arrangement, including swept path analysis;
  • off-site junction capacity modelling; and
  • preparation of transport assessments/statements and travel plans

project summary

Client: FI Real Estate
Location: National contract
Office: Manchester
Status: Various stages