Doseley Works, Telford

mode transport planning was appointed by David Wilson Homes and Breedon Aggregates.

The commission was to provide transport planning advice and detailed highways assessment in support of a planning application for 460 new residential units at the former Doseley Works, Telford in Staffordshire.







David Wilson Homes


transport assessment/statement
travel plans
transport inputs to masterplanning
sustainable transport studies

Provision of effective transport solutions

This project provided comprehensive transport planning advice and detailed highways assessments to support the planning application for the former Doseley Works in Telford, Staffordshire. With 460 units in consideration, our expertise assisted in analysing the potential traffic impact, developing efficient transport solutions, and ensuring safe access for residents and visitors.

Our in-depth assessments addressed infrastructure requirements, parking provisions, and sustainable transportation options, ensuring a well-planned development that enhances accessibility and minimizes environmental impacts.

mode’s primary inputs

The transport assessment comprised a comprehensive range of measures. These included a detailed access strategy, assessment of traffic distributions, evaluation of junction capacity, legal discussions on rights of access, review of pedestrian and cycle facilities, implementation of traffic calming measures along Frame Lane, and ongoing collaboration with Staffordshire County Council highways officers. Additionally, a transport assessment and travel plan were developed to reduce car movements to and from the site. All these efforts were undertaken in preparation for the reserved matters application(s) associated with the development.

Achieving a successful application

In 2013, achieving a successful online planning application involved several key factors. Firstly, it required thorough preparation and organisation, ensuring that all necessary documents and information were readily available and accessible online. Secondly, effective communication and collaboration with local planning authorities were crucial, with regular updates and prompt responses to any queries or requests for further information. Finally, utilising user-friendly online platforms and technologies played a significant role in streamlining the application process and facilitating efficient decision-making.

How our team created this success

Having a professional and consistent team throughout the project was essential for achieving success in this online planning application. The team we provided were professional and approaching, ensuring clear communication, efficient coordination, and the ability to address any challenges that may arise, ultimately ensuring a smooth and successful application process.