mode transport planning was appointed to undertake some initial training on the development of Transport for London’s (TfL) Better Streets initiative with the emphasis on opportunities for de-cluttering and improving the public realm. The work is being progressed via one of TfL’s term contractors, CVU.

TfL has been at the forefront of methods for improving the public realm including the successful removal of significant lengths of pedestrian guard railing throughout London in recent years. TfL were keen to build on this initiative and mode was considered to have the necessary broad experience based on previous work in this area, including involvement with the development of Manual for Streets 2.

mode’s work includes the following key elements:

  • initial high level meeting with CVU and TfL staff to agree the broad approach to be taken;
  • preparation of material to inform a series of workshops;
  • hosting and running workshops with CVU and TfL operational staff to explain principles and practical steps for de-cluttering;
  • running a series of site visits at a number of selected locations to explore putting principles into practice;
  • preparation of a report on the process together with recommendations for further work;
  • liaison with the DfT on best practice with reference to emerging advice including revisions to TSRGD.

mode has also been asked to put together a technical guide for extending the initiative using the lessons learnt from the initial study. TfL rolled out the principles to other parts of the strategic road network.

project summary

Client: Transport for London
Location: Central London
Office: London
Status: Completed