mode transport planning were appointed by Barts Health NHS Trust to update and refresh their Travel Plan to ensure that their staff and visitors have access to a good range of sustainable travel options.

The Trust has five key hospital sites, however they also operate a range of administrative services from a number of other locations. The scope of our study included:

  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital;
  • Royal London Hospital;
  • Mile End Hospital;
  • Whipps Cross Hospital; and
  • Newham Hospital;
  • Barkantine Birth Centre; and
  • A number of NHS Trust administration sites.

The purpose of our study was to update the NHS Trusts ageing Green Travel Plans. However, three of their sites are located in Central London (zone 1) are placed in various locations across Greater London. Additionally, two of the sites are located further out in Waltham Forest.

The revised travel plan considered the accessibility of the sites to the bus routes within London, connections to the London Underground and to the London Cycle Network. The sustainability credentials within each hospital were also considered, including the number of safe and secure cycle parking spaces available, whether the bus stops could be considered accessible from the site for all users and if pedestrian walkways were signposted to help guide both staff and visitors to key destinations. Our work included the following:

  • liaison with the Trust’s sustainability team;
  • review of each site’s existing sustainability credentials;
  • developing a scoring criteria for each hospital site;
  • review of parking usage and accumulation across each site;
  • developing a travel questionnaire for staff and visitors;
  • analysis of questionnaires to develop a strategy for each site;
  • developing a comprehensive Barts Health NHS Trust Travel Plan that’s set out an overarching vision, thank can be applied and implemented across the Trust’s sites;
  • preparation of material to inform a series of workshops; and
  • hosting and running workshops with Trust representatives and key NHS Stakeholders.

To engage with the staff and community leaders at the NHS Hospitals, mode visited the individual Trust sites and, in partnership with their Travel Plan Champions and delivered a number of workshops to understand the reasons for the current travel patterns to the hospitals. We also looked at what we could do to help encourage them to move to a healthier modes of transport.

project summary

Client: Barts Health NHS Trust
Location: Central London
Office: London
Status: Completed