We are thrilled to present a game-changer in our brand new office space, which represents the future of investment in mode operation space across the UK

The business has recently purchased and refurbished, with the help of EU grant funding, a new office space on the edge of Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter and a two minute walk from Snow Hill station.

Gone are the cramped offices space of usual run of the mill engineering workstations; this cutting-edge office space is the embodiment of a forward-thinking approach, where staff wellbeing is nurtured, and work-life balance is at the forefront: in fact it is the embodiment of our DNA!

With its innovative layout, modern amenities, and thoughtful incorporation of work place technology, it sets a new standard for the company…

Managing Director David Frisby said “Investing in a modern office space like this is not just a matter of aesthetics. We are embracing the principles of collaboration, well-being, technology integration, and sustainability and a place where people want to come in a Post COVID work place. With this truly modern workspace, mode has evolved!”